Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amazing Deals at Publix – 09/14 thru 09/20

Yes, I know. I haven’t posted deals from specific stores in a great while. And I probably won’t do so for another while. That said, I’m especially excited about some deals this week – and I’m posting today for family and friends who will probably be interested...

Here are the deals:

V-8 V.Fusion Vegetable & Fruit Juice (100% Juice) – B1G1 for $3.99 (i.e. $1.99 each)
Use $1.00/2 printable coupon (Find the link here.)
$1.49 each

Cascadian Farms Organic Granola Bars – $2.99 each
Use $1.00/1 printable coupon
Stack with $1.00/1 coupon in Yellow Advantage Flier (available in store at the Customer Service Desk)
$0.99 each

Chocolate Chips aren’t “health food” – but they sure are “comfort food!” (Note the clip on one bag. Ahem!) You can take advantage of the following “Buy Theirs, Get Ours Free” Deal this week:

Buy two Nestle’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels (12 oz) – $2.83 each
Get two Publix Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (12 oz) – FREE
Use $1.00/2 printable coupon (for Nestle’s)
OR use $0.50/2 printable coupon (for Nestle’s)
(Remember that Publix “doubles” coupons $0.50 and under.)
$1.17 each after (doubled) coupons and two FREE packs

I also took advantage of a “rain check” on an amazing deal from last week. This one isn’t valid this week unless you, too, got a “rain check” – but it’s the kind of deal that helps to illustrate why Publix is my all-time favorite grocery store!

Honey Nut Cheerios (21.6 oz HUGE box) – $2.99 each
Used $0.75/1 coupon (from in-home mailer)
Stacked with a $2.00/1 coupon in Yellow Advantage Flier
$1.62 each

You can find more deals (with coupon match-ups) at FiddledeedeeMom. A big “Thank-you!” to Sarah for the weekly coupon match-ups!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dress for LESS!

Dress for less by shopping at consignment sales – and by consigning clothes, too!

Upstate Readers: Don't miss the semi-annual Here We Grow Again Consignment Sale, starting tomorrow, September 7 through Saturday, September 10.

We love this sale! We've had great success dressing our children – in quality clothes – for great prices. When you consider how well name-brand clothes tend to wear, and wash (and resist stains!), and keep so that you can re-sell them, the savings are really multiplied!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cloth-Diaper Laundering Update

Whether it was the effects of hard water, detergent build-up, or ammonia that were causing our cloth diapers to smell, hot rinses and very hot washes (with minimal detergent) seemed to significantly reduce the smell.

Diapers drying in the breeze – a favorite scene!

Here's what we did:

We hauled very hot water from the shower to the washer, heated more water on the stove, and dumped the boiling (or almost boiling) water into the washer. We started with at least one cold rinse, followed by a very hot wash and two cold rinses, followed by another very hot rinse. We also reduced the amount of detergent (Charlie's Soap) to only 1 teaspoon per large load.

The smell has been significantly reduced.

A very BIG "Thank-you!" to Andrea and Julie for the advice given.

We're now back home with our own washer, so there are no longer the same hot water challenges. And we've been using disposable diapers while we recover from travel, re-acclimate, etc.

Now I'm wondering...

Do I need to do some kind of treating to remove any residue from the "hard water" the diapers were subjected to for almost three months?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FREE Medications at Publix!

Upon returning from three months in South America, we learned that our Little Man had developed a sinus infection. We were awaiting new insurance cards, so I hesitated to fill the prescription for antibiotics. I really wanted to avoid the hassle of paying out of pocket and then trying to file, etc.

And then I remembered: Publix offers some medications FREE!

Yet another reason to love 'em!

Check out the details!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Home-Made Baby Food

During our three-month stay in Uruguay, we made our own baby food. Why? There aren't coupons there or even very many sales as we know them. And "everyone else" makes their own baby food there. And it's better for baby that way!

Since we tend to use very little salt in our own food, I simply used vegetables and even meat from the big pots of meat and vegetable stew I'd made for the family.

We used our KidCo Food Mill to puree the foods.

My eager, little assistant cook enjoyed seeing the little containers with a variety of colors of food all lined up in the freezer!

This picture includes vegetable broth, chicken, spinach, carrots, green squash, and sweet potatoes.

And, of course, regular ice cube trays are the most frugal option. Just pop the "ice cubes" of baby food out of the trays and store them in larger freezer-proof containers or zippered food storage bags.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Recipe for Chocolate Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies

These quick cookies bring back favorite childhood memories of cooking with Mommy. My modified recipe uses a good bit less sugar than most.

Due to issues with the oven where we were staying during the past three months, we were limited in our baking choices. These became an even greater favorite!

Made with grated semi-sweet chocolate, these taste more like
“healthful” bonbons!


1 cup sugar
½ cup butter (100 grams)
¼ cup milk
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips (OR 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate, coarsely grated)
2½ to 2¾ cups quick cooking oats (200 grams)
1 tsp vanilla extract


In a saucepan over medium heat, mix together sugar, butter, and milk. Bring to a rolling boil, and boil for one minute, stirring constantly.

Remove from heat and mix in chocolate, oatmeal, and vanilla.

(If the mix starts to get crumbly, stir in a teaspoon or two of hot water; the cookies should then set up fine.)

Drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheets. (I often use plates.) You can refrigerate these so they get firm faster.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cloth-Diaper Laundering Questions?

I've been noticing that our Little Man's cloth diapers smell – especially when he's wet.

The BumGenius diapers smell the worst. In all fairness to them, we use them on the longest stretches (nights and naps) because they hold most and best. (I've listed the variety of cloth diapers we own and use in an earlier post.)

I'm wondering...

Does "hard water" cause cloth diapers to keep a residue (of ammonia)? The diapers do smell like ammonia. The water here at the house (where we've been staying for two months and will be for another month) comes from an underground spring; it's referred to as "mineral water" and leaves white chalk-like deposits on sinks, etc.

What do you do if you don't have a "sanitize" option for wash cycles? What do you do if the washer doesn't even fill with hot water? The water in the washer here is heated as diapers sit in it. As you might imagine, a hot wash cycle takes a very long time! Could my using the quicker setting at times (with warm instead of hot water, for instance) be contributing to some kind of build-up?

Here's my cleaning routine:

We rinse the diapers right away and put them in the wet bag. We wash them (at least) every other day. We start the laundering with a cold rinse (and often two cold rinses). We wash (using Charlie's Soap) in hot water (but, as stated above, the water gets heated in the washer). The wash cycle is followed by two cold rinses. We usually dry the diapers in the dryer, but I do line dry them when our schedule and the weather permit.

We've never used bleach, fabric softeners, or any other items forbidden for cloth diapers. Once in a while, we have spot treated poo stains with Spray & Wash or an equivalent. And we have used diaper rash cream sparingly and with a barrier.

Any tips?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paper Dolls!

Traveling (with limits on luggage included with airfare) presents the challenge of how many (if any) toys to bring along. We did bring a few – very few. So, we've had to get more creative than ever, finding ways to make our own fun...

Paper has been a great tool!

A quick internet search led me to a page with three printable paper dolls – complete with outfits. (As Marilee states, these are for personal use only and may not be published or sold.)

We like the fact that these are child-appropriate paper dolls, tastefully drawn and outfitted with undergarments. We also appreciate Marilee's sharing memories of her childhood, making her own fun.

Thank-you, Marilee! We're some of the folks out there who still want to have a good time for very little money. We're also thankful for another fun opportunity to encourage our little girl to use her imagination.

Friday, June 24, 2011


This “bargain blog” has certainly morphed many times since (inspired by Andreas frugal feats), I first started posting in late 2008. Topics on this blog have included coupons, miscellaneous money-saving tips, great diaper deals, product reviews, recipes, education, frugal fun, inspiration & encouragement, and (most recently) cloth diapering and teaching language(s). This blog has been, more than anything, a place to journal money-saving and educational deals and adventures. Whatever the topic, the main emphasis is still the same: wise stewardship and proper perspective of resources God is entrusting to us.

Avid couponing was an exhilarating challenge – especially with weekly $5 off $25 Purchase” coupons for CVS! And highlights at Walgreens during the days of the Easy Saver Program included getting paid $10 to take home $250 worth of stuff including $100 worth of diapers and $1.00 overage per tube of brand-name toothpaste! Yes, those were very exciting days! And even after giving stuff away and selling other extras at yard sales, we still have a stash of toiletries and miscellaneous household products we’re using from those days...

Couponing that avidly, however, was quickly becoming another part-time job, and – in combination with drugstores changing policies, etc. – the initial adrenalin rush and euphoria gradually wore off. Don’t get me wrong! A good B1G1 sale paired with a great coupon is still very exciting (Translation: Publix is still a favorite!), but I now do a much better job of balancing shopping with other household and family obligations than I did during those early days of engaging in the couponing game...

Some major changes along with the demands of daily life have contributed to several extended periods without posts. Right now, I’m blogging from South America where coupons (for groceries, diapers, etc.) are basically non-existent. I’m actually more excited than ever to find (creative!) ways to use resources wisely – and to encourage others to do so as well. For example, I’m thankful for opportunities to try out earlier ideas for frugal yet nutritious cooking; I’ve actually used several of my own modified recipes in the last four weeks.

All that to say... Going forward, the main emphases of posts will most probably be:
  • inspiration & encouragement
  • teaching language
  • frugal fun
  • baking / recipes
  • cloth diapers
Feel free to comment and share your ideas – especially if you, too, are traveling and limited in use of coupons, etc.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book Review: "Un, Deux, Trois" (First French Rhymes)

Un, Deux, Trois: First French Rhymes (Book & CD)

Now that I have my very own little disciples living at my house, I’m more excited than ever about language education and – specifically for the sake of this “bargain blog” – great finds for teaching languages to little ones.

Even if you’re not trying to teach multiple languages to little ones, feel free to keep reading. After all, reliable research proves that the best way to learn a new language is the same way you learned your first language when you were little! (You might pick up some tips for really learning that language you spent two or three years on in high school!)

Those who know me know I love languages. Having had the great privilege of growing up bilingual in South America, (Yes! I realize that fact is a great gift from God!) I’m eager for my children to grow up exposed to (or better yet “immersed in”) at least one other language.

Having majored in languages and second language education and having taught languages in a variety of settings, I’m excited to share the tips I’ve gleaned for how best to teach languages to little ones. So, this is the first of a series of posts on teaching languages to little ones – and perhaps learning the language in order to teach it!

At this point, God’s leading in our lives points to our little ones growing up bilingual like I did. However, I’m still keenly interested in their learning yet another language – partly because of the time and resources I’ve already invested in the (on-going) learning of it and partly because there are great advantages to language learning. So, I’m choosing French as the third language for my little ones.

For the sake of time, I’ll mention only one resource in this post:

Un, Deux, Trois: First French Rhymes (Book & CD) 

We purchased this book and CD set three years ago from when our toddler was already learning both English and Spanish. As is most likely true of all very small children, she was intrigued by the sounds of another language – and the fact that Mommy actually understood what was going on! (We’ve since struggled, living in an English-speaking world, to get her to continue with both primary languages – but chronicling that will provide an abundance of material for other posts...)

Having been reminded recently that babies establish neurological paths for the specific sounds of languages surrounding them (such that they can more easily learn languages later on), I'm eagerly exposing my baby (as well as my toddler) to the sounds of French.

So, back to our book (and CD):

I like:
  • the inclusion of a CD
  • the fact that native French speakers read (and interpret) the rhymes (ensuring the absorption of correct intonation and pronunciation)
  • the simple, tasteful piano accompaniment (to the rhymes) on the CD
  • the variety of rhymes (Some are games; others are songs.)
  • the colorful artwork and layout of the rhymes on the pages (Click on the book to Look Inside!)
I also like the fact that the rhymes are laid out like a journey from the fields to the market place and ulimately to the house in order to help the child use the language meaningfully. Key words are illustrated and labeled throughout the book (thus providing opportunities to learn in small increments as well as larger ones), and the Guide (for teachers and parents) at the back of the book explains the rhymes and how to play some of the games, highlighting useful (idiomatic) phrases that children can use in simple conversations.

Click on the “Look Inside” feature to explore the book!

This book and CD set is currently available from for $9.95 and is also eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion. (Details on the page.)

I was not compensated in any way for this review; all opinions are 100% my own. That said, I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Friday, March 18, 2011

FREE Italian Ice at Rita's – only on 03/20

Mark your calendars to celebrate March 20 – the "official" arrival of spring!

Rita's will be celebrating the day by giving away 10-oz. cups of their famous Italian Ice! Yum!

For those in Greenville, SC: Don't forget the newer location on Pleasantburg Drive in the shopping center next to the Home Depot.

Read the details. While you're there, you may as well sign up for the Birthday Club, too!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: “Changing Diapers, Changing Minds”

The “Changing Diapers, Changing Minds” program, offered by Jillians Drawers (a mom-owned company in upstate New York), is a great way to decide if cloth diapering is for your family. For a $10 program fee, you can try out a wide variety of cloth diapers for 21 days.

The $155 package (give or take $5.00, depending on what’s in stock) includes enough diapers for full-time diapering. (See a sample list below.) A quick look at the prices leads me to conclude that overall you’ll be getting the diapers at better prices than if you ordered the same ones individually elsewhere – especially considering the fact that this trial program includes free shipping.

A sample list might include:

1 Kissaluvs Fitted Diaper
1 Thirsties Duo Wrap
1 Thirsties Duo Pocket Diaper
1 Smartipants One-Size Diaper
1 Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size Diaper
1 GroVia Shell
1 GroVia Soaker Pad
2 BumGenius V4.0 One-Size Pocket Diaper with Snaps
2 OsoCozy Indian Prefolds
2 Bleached Chinese Prefolds
1 Snappis Diaper Fastener
5 sample sheets of Flushable Liners from Imse Vimse

Basically, the program can work in one of three ways:

  1. After 21 days, if you decide to keep all the diapers, you will be refunded the $10 program fee, thus paying only $145 (give or take $5.00) in the end.
  2. If you decide to return all the diapers, you pay only the $10 program fee – and you will know that you gave cloth diapering a fair trial.
  3. If you decide to keep some of the diapers and return others, you will pay the $10 program fee (plus return shipping), but you will get in-store credit for the value of the returned diapers – plus free shipping on your next order from Jillian’s Drawers.
I chose the third option, returning over half of the cloth diapers we tried out. Only one was a matter of definite dislike, others were a matter of preference given our current life of travel, and still others would soon be outgrown. (Because our tall “Little Man” tends to be right on the top edge of fitted diaper sizes, the “one size” options seem better for us.)

In my opinion, the greatest benefit of this “Changing Diapers, Changing Minds” program is that it allows potential customers (like me!) to honestly try cloth diapering – without paying bunches in shipping and handling – in order to find out:
1.      whether or not cloth diapering will work in the first place, and
2.      which diaper styles we like and which ones we don’t.

So, in a nutshell: How did “Changing Diapers, Changing Minds” work for me?

I became persuaded that cloth diapers are much better than disposable. They’re not just frugal, they’re also fun! Today’s cloth diapers come in a great variety of colors and styles.

You can read more about how I grew to love cloth diapering in previous posts:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Working on building a stash of cloth diapers...

Previous to our very messy adventures (during a return to disposable diapers), we had made diapering with only six cloth diapers work because we were on our own for a week and had easy access to laundry equipment. That experiment, however, emphasized the necessity of having enough cloth diapers on hand to make laundering more efficient; we were washing a small load of diapers every day that week.

And that brings me back to the Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program...

I did end up returning over half of the cloth diapers we tried out. Only one was a matter of definite dislike, others were a matter of preference given our current life of travel, and still others would soon be outgrown. (Because our tall “Little Man” tends to be right on the top edge of fitted diaper sizes, the “one size” options seem better for us overall.)

At the end of the 21-day trial period, I decided to keep:
  • the SmartiPants pocket diaper (with one microfleece insert)
  • the two BumGenius pocket diapers (with double microfleece inserts)
  • the KissaLuvs (insert only)
In my opinion, the greatest benefit of this Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program is that it allows potential customers (like me!) to honestly try cloth diapering – without paying bunches in shipping and handling – in order to find out:
1. whether or not cloth diapering will work in the first place, and
2. which diaper styles we like and which ones we don’t.
So, here’s how “Changing Diapers, Changing Minds” is working out for me:

I started with $150, given as a gift. My goal has been to stick as close as possible to that sum. I paid the $10 program fee plus $10 in shipping to return unwanted diapers via an insured service; Jillians Drawers gave me in-store credit for the returns – plus free shipping on my next order. I was excited to discover that “gently used” diapers are resold at reduced prices. (What a smart idea!)

Per Jillians Drawers, all “gently used” items have been used for 30 days or less and can be returned within seven days of receipt. Diapers in “excellent condition” have been used for four weeks or less and have no visible staining.

I plan to use the $76 in credit to buy the following gently-used diapers:
  • one more SmartiPants (One Size) – $11.75
  • one Thirsties Duo Diaper (Size 2) – $13.25
  • one FuzziBuns (Medium) – $13.50
I also ordered the Diaper Cover Sampler (Medium) – $42.95
  • one Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
  • one Prorap Classic Diaper Cover
  • one Thirsties Diaper Cover (the newest version)
  • one Imse Vimse Organic Diaper Cover
(Since the gently-used Thirsties Duo Wraps were out of stock, I'm glad I discovered this option which is actually better value! I plan to use these covers with the KissaLuvs and the prefolds I already have.)

I’m thinking that the Thirsties Duo Diaper (with Velcro tabs) and FuzziBuns (“fitted”) will be the best options for babysitters or grandparents, etc. who may be unfamiliar with modern cloth diapers (in other words, folks who probably won’t want to try to figure out adjustable snaps, etc. while trying to get a diaper on a wriggling baby!)

When the used diapers arrive, I’ll have a total of (at least) thirteen combinations – in addition to a stack of prefolds (previously given to me) that can be stuffed into the diaper covers. I should then be “all set” with enough to cloth diaper full-time, washing larger loads of diapers every third day (or so). As I found out last week, it’s hard to maximize on the money-saving potential of cloth diapering when you have to wash small loads every day...

Stay tuned for a detailed review of the Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program...

Monday, March 14, 2011

To cloth diaper while traveling – or not?

That is the question!

We switched to disposable diapers for a few days when our travels took us where laundering would be hard to predict... However! Our Little Man had so many “blow-outs” in the church nursery – at least once during every service (except one!) at a three-day missions conference – that I was repeatedly wishing he’d been wearing cloth...

We have yet to experience a “blow-out” with cloth diapers! (Gotta love ‘em!) So! Due to the messy experiences of this past weekend, I’m seriously considering using cloth diapers on the road. The big question will be a place to launder them. As those who cloth-diaper full-time know, you can only go so long with a bag of wet and dirty diapers!

I'd appreciate any insight from full-time cloth-diapering moms – especially any who are traveling (full-time).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How's cloth diapering goin'?

As much as travel has allowed, I’ve been working on cloth diapering – using the six cloth diapers I have on hand:
Our “diaper pail” has been a very frugal version of a “wet bag” – i.e. a giant-sized Ziploc bag!

I’ve been finding diaper liners to be a great help. If unsoiled, these can be washed and reused, too!

For laundering, I started with Arm & Hammer Sensitive Detergent (because I had some on hand). It worked well. Following a friend’s recommendation, I later took advantage of a $10 coupon for and was able to get a tub of Charlie’s Soap for $5.00! My little ones tend to have sensitive skin, so this is an especially great product for our family.

Six diapers – with a place to launder them – have worked okay, and I was even brave enough to keep a cloth diaper on “Chubbs” for a Wednesday evening service at a church we visited. I figured I would forewarn the ladies in the nursery when I signed him in, asking them to page me if they were not comfortable with the idea of changing a cloth diaper. (As it was, I ended up in the nursery with him, so I was the one on-hand to change him anyway...)

Stay tuned for a detailed review of the Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Zulily Deals: Seersucker Dresses for $11.99

I'm excited about Zulily, a fabulous new online store offering daily sales at up to 90% off on top-quality apparel, gear, and other goodies for moms, babies, and kids!

Today's deal (good through 6:00 a.m. PST on 03/10/11) includes seersucker dresses for $11.99! These are great for summer travel!

Isn't this one cute?!
Sizes range from 0-3M up to 6X.

Use the following coupon codes to save even more on your order:

GA1189 – $5.00 off $50 purchase
GA9331 – $5.00 off $50 purchase
COUPCAB316 – 10% off $30 purchase

Membership for zulily is free! Check 'em out!

(Thanks, Fiddledeedee Mom!)

Friday, February 11, 2011

How's it goin' – with cloth diapers?

I posted a picture and detailed list of the cloth diapers included in the Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program in my previous post. I probably should feel embarrassed that I'm so excited about the colors of cloth diapers – but it's exciting to be excited about something so mundane and routine but necessary...
Here's what we're learning so far...

We don't really like:
  • The GroVia Diaper: The insert is bulky; the fabric is stiff, and Baby seemed to be uncomfortable in the diaper.
  • The Prefolds: We tried one of the (four) prefolds once, and Daddy wondered why we'd fight to get it folded and put on just right when the pocket diapers are so simple?! (We're also on the road a lot and don't need the risk of leaks prefolds tend to represent.)
So, we're planning to return the four prefolds and Snappy fastener as well as the GroVia diaper wrap and liner. According to instructions sent with the package, I can get store credit for items I return – and I plan to use that amount to get a couple more of the brands we're really liking! (Keep reading!)

We like:
  • The BumGenius, SmartiPants, FuzziBunz, and Thirsties – all the Pocket Diapers: We really like all these. It's hard to pick a favorite...
  • We're learning that the BumGenius (with two inserts) are best for night-time and naps. The record for us so far has been 14 hours non-stop at night! We're loving not having to change a diaper in the middle of the night when we're groggy...
However! I also learned that I should not be trying to go all night with a cloth diaper – when Baby puts poo in it. We did once (I could smell the poo while I nursed!), and our poor little guy got a very bad diaper rash – his first ever – on his legs. (And I felt terrible!) Amazingly, the diaper (BumGenius with two inserts) still didn't leak! But the elastic bands rubbed his chunky thighs, resulting in a pretty serious rash. Since rash creams can reduce the absorbency of cloth diapers, I took a break for two full days, giving the affected skin time to heal. (Thankfully, it healed nicely with Dr. Selby's Crema Curativa, a "miracle cream" from back home in Uruguay...)

We started back to cloth diapering this morning, using Caldesene Baby Powder as insurance on the thigh area. So far, so good!

We're living and learning... (That's why we signed up for the trial run, eh?)

FREE Dinner at EarthFare with $10 Purchase

Sign up on the new to receive the weekly email newsletter, and get a coupon for the makings of a free dinner (with a $10 purchase at your local EarthFare)!

The dinner includes:
  • Rustic Mashed Potatoes (16 oz container from deli)
  • Organic Baby Carrots (16 oz bag from produce dept)
  • Fresh Whole Chicken (1 from meat dept) OR Veggie Burgers (1 box from freezer)
Since you have to spend $10, you can look at this (healthy!) deal as a B1G1 deal...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Laughter: The BEST Medicine!

At least laughter would work much better than these supposed "remedies" from the 1800s!

Click on the picture to view a larger version.

The hilarious collection of ads from various old newspapers was part of the decor in a fast-food restaurant we recently visited.

What do you think?!

I'm joining Sharon and friends at Good, True & Beautiful...
Just for the JOY of It!

We're cloth diapering full-time!

Yep! The package arrived just in time for us to take it on vacation with us. I'm excited because the condo unit where we're staying has a washer and drier, making my experiment that much easier and more frugal!

Here's what's included in the Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program for this cloth diaper trial:

I must admit that I'm loving the cool colors!

Baby seems to be enjoying the experience, too!

1 Kissaluvs Fitted Diaper (green)
1 Thirsties Duo Wrap (meadow)
1 Thirsties Duo Pocket Diaper (mango)
1 Smartipants One-Size Diaper (aqua breeze)
1 Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size Diaper (chocolate truffle)
1 BumGenius V4.0 One-Size Pocket Diaper with Snaps (moonbeam)
1 BumGenius V4.0 One-Size Pocket Diaper with Snaps (grasshopper green)
1 GroVia Shell ONLY (vanilla)
1 GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pad
1 Snappis Diaper Fastener (pastel blue)
2 OsoCozy Indian Prefolds
2 Bleached Chinese Prefolds
5 sample sheets of Flushable Liners from Imse Vimse

Previous to starting the experiment, we were having blow-outs with disposable diapers every time Baby put poo in his pants. We were concluding that he needed the next size up which, unfortunately, we did not have with us. Yes, our Little Man is tall for his age...

UH, OH! (Again?!)

So, I started this cloth diapering experience with a bit of hesitation... BUT we've been very pleased with the fact that none of the cloth diapers have leaked so far! And I'm being very daring, too. For example, Baby wore one of the BumGenius diaper with double inserts for 14 hours last night and still no leaks! Even Daddy, who consistently helps with diaper changes, is impressed. And we're becoming more and more impressed, using cloth diapers even when we're out and about...

Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amazon Mom: Pampers Diapers 30% off + free shipping!

I'm waiting for my package of cloth diapers to arrive... (Yes, I know I "just" ordered it, but I'm excited about this new adventure!)
Meanwhile, I'm still keeping an eye out for good disposable diaper deals. (We'll still need those when we travel...) So, I was excited to discover the benefits of Amazon Mom*  a great FREE program for caregivers of children!

Amazon Mom currently has a good deal going on select packs of Pampers diapers: Pampers Cruisers Diapers (Size 3, 160 Count), for example, which are 16% off!

Plus, you can get 30% more off! Here's how:
  • Sign up for Amazon Mom. (It's free!) You'll automatically qualify for a 15% discount off your diaper order plus free two-day Amazon Prime shipping.
  • Then select the Subscribe & Save option to get an additional 15% off. (Subscribe & Save is flexible! Per, you can change your order status and even cancel your enrollment  at any time!)
Right now, you can also use the 20% off (one-time use) coupon code (expiring 02/28/11) from the December issues of either American Baby or Parenting Early Years to make the deal even better!

And if you pay the remaining balance with gift cards earned through Swagbucks, you can really sweeten the deal! (Read my posts on Swagbucks to find out how that works.) 

*Here's how Amazon Mom works:
  • Sign up and get three free months of Amazon Prime – i.e. free two-day shipping on most orders (with no minimum order amount required)!
  • Get 30% off diaper orders by using the Subscribe & Save delivery feature.
  • Earn an extra month of Amazon Prime with each $25 order from the Baby Store.

Friday, January 21, 2011

new adventures

LONG time no post...

It's not that I haven't been bargain-hunting...
  • We've been traveling, preparing for ministry on the foreign mission field.
  • AND our Good Shepherd blessed us with our second (big!) Bundle of Joy at the end of October!
So, I'm more interested than ever in finding good bargains especially good diaper deals! But priorities have taken precedence over blogging about bargains.

And I'm about to embark on a new frugal adventure: Cloth diapering! Full time! (Or at least as full-time as "full-time" travel will allow!) And I'm excited!

I took advantage of an offer from Jillian's Drawers that was just too good to let pass...

And I'm now waiting (rather impatiently!) for my package of diapers to arrive...

My friend Julie (at A Year with Mom and Dad) was very kind to review the offer for me! (Thanks, friend!) Basically, I'm going to be able to try out a variety of cloth diapers risk free! (And I am getting a little bit of savings over what I would pay if I ordered each diaper individually.)

I'm planning to chronicle my new diaper adventures here. So, stay tuned...