Thursday, March 10, 2011

How's cloth diapering goin'?

As much as travel has allowed, I’ve been working on cloth diapering – using the six cloth diapers I have on hand:
Our “diaper pail” has been a very frugal version of a “wet bag” – i.e. a giant-sized Ziploc bag!

I’ve been finding diaper liners to be a great help. If unsoiled, these can be washed and reused, too!

For laundering, I started with Arm & Hammer Sensitive Detergent (because I had some on hand). It worked well. Following a friend’s recommendation, I later took advantage of a $10 coupon for and was able to get a tub of Charlie’s Soap for $5.00! My little ones tend to have sensitive skin, so this is an especially great product for our family.

Six diapers – with a place to launder them – have worked okay, and I was even brave enough to keep a cloth diaper on “Chubbs” for a Wednesday evening service at a church we visited. I figured I would forewarn the ladies in the nursery when I signed him in, asking them to page me if they were not comfortable with the idea of changing a cloth diaper. (As it was, I ended up in the nursery with him, so I was the one on-hand to change him anyway...)

Stay tuned for a detailed review of the Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program...

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