Monday, March 14, 2011

To cloth diaper while traveling – or not?

That is the question!

We switched to disposable diapers for a few days when our travels took us where laundering would be hard to predict... However! Our Little Man had so many “blow-outs” in the church nursery – at least once during every service (except one!) at a three-day missions conference – that I was repeatedly wishing he’d been wearing cloth...

We have yet to experience a “blow-out” with cloth diapers! (Gotta love ‘em!) So! Due to the messy experiences of this past weekend, I’m seriously considering using cloth diapers on the road. The big question will be a place to launder them. As those who cloth-diaper full-time know, you can only go so long with a bag of wet and dirty diapers!

I'd appreciate any insight from full-time cloth-diapering moms – especially any who are traveling (full-time).

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  1. I say, if you have a goodsize traveling wet bag and the space to bring the diapers along, AND a place to launder - do it! :) It only takes time, space, and a washer/dryer. :) Otherwise CD-ing on the road is the same as at home! :)
    Now, with that said. When we traveled to NYC, as we walked around the city, we had limited capabilities to carry a ton of diapers (and the dirty ones are heavier!). So we would PUT a CD on our baby, and in the diaper bag included one Cloth change and TWO disposable changes. This way, we only had to carry a MAX of 2 dirty diapers around during the day. If we went to 3 or 4 changes we would use a 'sposie and toss it. We actually only had to use ONE 'sposie! :)
    We have taken our CDs camping for 3 nights and it works out fine b/c you can technically go 3 days without washing.
    The other thing to consider is before leaving the house, make sure any ALREADY dirty diapers are laundered and drying, b/c you don't want to come home to diapers that have been sitting around dirty the whole time you're gone. :)
    Good luck and can't wait to hear your choices! :)