Monday, September 8, 2014

Reposting from “Happy, Strong Home” Blog: Wholesome Recipes & Money-Saving Tips

Reposting from my friend Julie at Happy, Strong Home:

How to Feed a Family (of 4) for $125/Week at Whole Foods

Julie says:
“When we switched to organic and natural foods about six or seven years ago, the sticker shock was brutal! We transitioned item by item every few months to adjust our menu without adjusting our budget too much.
I often hear how expensive it is to eat organic (not gonna lie, depending on what you buy, you can blow your budget on products with the “organic” label!).
But I’m here to show you how to create a menu to feed a family (of four!) on just $125 per week.”

Feed a Family on $125

We don’t have a Whole Foods Market in my neighborhood in Uruguay, but I’m planning to check out some of the recipes Julie shares in this post...

Thanks, Julie! J