Friday, June 24, 2011


This “bargain blog” has certainly morphed many times since (inspired by Andreas frugal feats), I first started posting in late 2008. Topics on this blog have included coupons, miscellaneous money-saving tips, great diaper deals, product reviews, recipes, education, frugal fun, inspiration & encouragement, and (most recently) cloth diapering and teaching language(s). This blog has been, more than anything, a place to journal money-saving and educational deals and adventures. Whatever the topic, the main emphasis is still the same: wise stewardship and proper perspective of resources God is entrusting to us.

Avid couponing was an exhilarating challenge – especially with weekly $5 off $25 Purchase” coupons for CVS! And highlights at Walgreens during the days of the Easy Saver Program included getting paid $10 to take home $250 worth of stuff including $100 worth of diapers and $1.00 overage per tube of brand-name toothpaste! Yes, those were very exciting days! And even after giving stuff away and selling other extras at yard sales, we still have a stash of toiletries and miscellaneous household products we’re using from those days...

Couponing that avidly, however, was quickly becoming another part-time job, and – in combination with drugstores changing policies, etc. – the initial adrenalin rush and euphoria gradually wore off. Don’t get me wrong! A good B1G1 sale paired with a great coupon is still very exciting (Translation: Publix is still a favorite!), but I now do a much better job of balancing shopping with other household and family obligations than I did during those early days of engaging in the couponing game...

Some major changes along with the demands of daily life have contributed to several extended periods without posts. Right now, I’m blogging from South America where coupons (for groceries, diapers, etc.) are basically non-existent. I’m actually more excited than ever to find (creative!) ways to use resources wisely – and to encourage others to do so as well. For example, I’m thankful for opportunities to try out earlier ideas for frugal yet nutritious cooking; I’ve actually used several of my own modified recipes in the last four weeks.

All that to say... Going forward, the main emphases of posts will most probably be:
  • inspiration & encouragement
  • teaching language
  • frugal fun
  • baking / recipes
  • cloth diapers
Feel free to comment and share your ideas – especially if you, too, are traveling and limited in use of coupons, etc.

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