Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inspiration & Encouragement: The JOY of Giving!

In the fall of 2008, I became an avid couponing fan – and joined the bargaining blogosphere. Previously, I didn't see why anyone would try to save $0.35 on a brand name item when store brands were almost always cheaper and equally good in taste and/or quality. But that was before I understood B1G1 deals combined with double coupons, or coupon stacking, or rebates.

While concentrating anew on frugality, I've often been reminded that we frugalistas must not forget to focus on generosity and biblical good works as well. My favorite bargain bloggers often emphasize the expanded opportunity to give to others – because a frugality focused on God enables us to do so!

This week I was again made aware of an opportunity to give. A dear family friend, recently laid off because her customer service job was sent overseas, shared with me how God has been meeting her needs. It was a real JOY to hear the details! Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she has been focusing on others less fortunate. In the middle of her need, she found a single mom with three very young children in need of all the basics – including toiletries.

I'm so excited! Thanks to bargain shopping, there are four big boxes of basic toiletries stored under a bed in our house. (Printing coupons sometimes feels like printing money!) So, today I'll be putting together three packages of basic toiletries: one for my friend, one for her mom in a nursing home, and one for the family she's adopted.

Although it's only a small gift for each of these in need, it's an opportunity to help, saving significantly on otherwise paying full price for (or trying to go without) the basics. And it's a blessed reminder that bargain shopping isn't only about me and what I can get. Rather, it's about wise stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to me as I simultaneously look for opportunities to serve God, my family, and others.

There is JOY in showing Christ's love to others – especially at this time of year when they may be more inclined to listen because carols played publicly are telling of the Savior!

I'm once again joining "Just for the Joy of It" and sharing another reason to rejoice – finding JOY in giving!

All because God first gave us the Savior!


  1. I think it is great that you are so generous with your good deals rather than keeping them all to yourself!

  2. God has been so good to me. It's been a real JOY to share!

  3. OH that's WONDERFUL!

    Praise God for allowing your talents and dedication to saving money to be such an opportunity to bless others. I can only imagine that your generosity will show the hand of God to those families! Well done friend!

    I'm going to take up your challenge and look around my house to see what I can share with others...

    Blessings -- and thanks so much for sharing your JOY with us today!

  4. Wow! What a great reminder that while being frugal, we can use that to be a blessing. Finding JOY in giving is a timely and blessed encouragement for today. Thanks for sharing.