Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Black Friday" Blessings

I'm no fan of all the pushing, shoving, grabbing, and (even at best) mad rushing that "Black Friday" can all-too-easily represent. We tried the 5:00 a.m. thing once at one store (something like eight years ago) and decided to add it to the "cultural experience" category...

I'm truly thankful for the grace of God, teaching me contentment. (I'm still learning!) I'm also thankful that just over a year ago, my dear friend Andrea helped me discover bargain shopping aided by coupons – and the fun of blogging about the deals, too. (I miss you, friend!)

That said, I did run a couple errands on Thursday and Friday to CVS and Walgreens and, at the very last moment, Home Depot.

I made two trips to CVS, hoping that the $5 off $25 Coupons would start printing for me again (but maybe there's a limit, and I reached mine?!) At any rate, I'm thankful for the following deals:

And I made one trip to Walgreens:

Two packs of Holiday Peanut M&Ms will soon be traveling to South America with "los Abu" who left town yesterday morning.

The Home Depot deals were mostly for the purpose of (much needed!) organization. I was delighted to find that the shelves were reduced, and the storage containers are still on sale until tomorrow, December 2. The poinsettias were just too good a deal to pass up at $0.99 each – there were only five of 1800 left by late Friday!

I'm thankful for these bargains and blessings!

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