Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inspiration & Encouragement: Yes, it's still Thanksgiving Season!

Thanksgiving Day was one week ago today. Last week was a blur for my extended family – with days (and, for some, nights) spent at the hospital...

But we have so much to be thankful for.

On a lighter note, our almost four-year-old came up with her own list of blessings.

Whether we're old enough to recognize the burdens of life or too young to see much farther than the end of our noses, we have been blessed!

Because of God's grace, giving salvation, we are bountifully blessed indeed!

It's still Thanksgiving Season!


  1. Amen! It sure is the season of thanks. We celebrate advent too - such a powerful reminder of what we are blessed with!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I see we have much in common these days, with loved ones fighting cancer. I will pray for Jona.

    I also gave the Thanksgiving Eve testimonial at my church this year -- we have that in common, too! Your message was beautiful -- nice job!