Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paper Dolls!

Traveling (with limits on luggage included with airfare) presents the challenge of how many (if any) toys to bring along. We did bring a few – very few. So, we've had to get more creative than ever, finding ways to make our own fun...

Paper has been a great tool!

A quick internet search led me to a page with three printable paper dolls – complete with outfits. (As Marilee states, these are for personal use only and may not be published or sold.)

We like the fact that these are child-appropriate paper dolls, tastefully drawn and outfitted with undergarments. We also appreciate Marilee's sharing memories of her childhood, making her own fun.

Thank-you, Marilee! We're some of the folks out there who still want to have a good time for very little money. We're also thankful for another fun opportunity to encourage our little girl to use her imagination.


  1. Wonderful resources! I love paper dolls and sticker dolls for my girl. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're welcome, Jen! I'm glad to hear of a kindred spirit.

    And if you like hedgehogs, there's a link to (of all things!) HedgeHog Paper Dolls, too!