Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cloth-Diaper Laundering Update

Whether it was the effects of hard water, detergent build-up, or ammonia that were causing our cloth diapers to smell, hot rinses and very hot washes (with minimal detergent) seemed to significantly reduce the smell.

Diapers drying in the breeze – a favorite scene!

Here's what we did:

We hauled very hot water from the shower to the washer, heated more water on the stove, and dumped the boiling (or almost boiling) water into the washer. We started with at least one cold rinse, followed by a very hot wash and two cold rinses, followed by another very hot rinse. We also reduced the amount of detergent (Charlie's Soap) to only 1 teaspoon per large load.

The smell has been significantly reduced.

A very BIG "Thank-you!" to Andrea and Julie for the advice given.

We're now back home with our own washer, so there are no longer the same hot water challenges. And we've been using disposable diapers while we recover from travel, re-acclimate, etc.

Now I'm wondering...

Do I need to do some kind of treating to remove any residue from the "hard water" the diapers were subjected to for almost three months?

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