Monday, August 29, 2011

Home-Made Baby Food

During our three-month stay in Uruguay, we made our own baby food. Why? There aren't coupons there or even very many sales as we know them. And "everyone else" makes their own baby food there. And it's better for baby that way!

Since we tend to use very little salt in our own food, I simply used vegetables and even meat from the big pots of meat and vegetable stew I'd made for the family.

We used our KidCo Food Mill to puree the foods.

My eager, little assistant cook enjoyed seeing the little containers with a variety of colors of food all lined up in the freezer!

This picture includes vegetable broth, chicken, spinach, carrots, green squash, and sweet potatoes.

And, of course, regular ice cube trays are the most frugal option. Just pop the "ice cubes" of baby food out of the trays and store them in larger freezer-proof containers or zippered food storage bags.

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