Friday, February 11, 2011

How's it goin' – with cloth diapers?

I posted a picture and detailed list of the cloth diapers included in the Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program in my previous post. I probably should feel embarrassed that I'm so excited about the colors of cloth diapers – but it's exciting to be excited about something so mundane and routine but necessary...
Here's what we're learning so far...

We don't really like:
  • The GroVia Diaper: The insert is bulky; the fabric is stiff, and Baby seemed to be uncomfortable in the diaper.
  • The Prefolds: We tried one of the (four) prefolds once, and Daddy wondered why we'd fight to get it folded and put on just right when the pocket diapers are so simple?! (We're also on the road a lot and don't need the risk of leaks prefolds tend to represent.)
So, we're planning to return the four prefolds and Snappy fastener as well as the GroVia diaper wrap and liner. According to instructions sent with the package, I can get store credit for items I return – and I plan to use that amount to get a couple more of the brands we're really liking! (Keep reading!)

We like:
  • The BumGenius, SmartiPants, FuzziBunz, and Thirsties – all the Pocket Diapers: We really like all these. It's hard to pick a favorite...
  • We're learning that the BumGenius (with two inserts) are best for night-time and naps. The record for us so far has been 14 hours non-stop at night! We're loving not having to change a diaper in the middle of the night when we're groggy...
However! I also learned that I should not be trying to go all night with a cloth diaper – when Baby puts poo in it. We did once (I could smell the poo while I nursed!), and our poor little guy got a very bad diaper rash – his first ever – on his legs. (And I felt terrible!) Amazingly, the diaper (BumGenius with two inserts) still didn't leak! But the elastic bands rubbed his chunky thighs, resulting in a pretty serious rash. Since rash creams can reduce the absorbency of cloth diapers, I took a break for two full days, giving the affected skin time to heal. (Thankfully, it healed nicely with Dr. Selby's Crema Curativa, a "miracle cream" from back home in Uruguay...)

We started back to cloth diapering this morning, using Caldesene Baby Powder as insurance on the thigh area. So far, so good!

We're living and learning... (That's why we signed up for the trial run, eh?)


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  2. Thanks! Great blog! I appreciate the tip...

  3. Oh I have tons of tips after reading this post:
    1. For diaper creams - you can cut a rectangle of fleece and use it as a liner between the rash cream and the diaper. This will protect the diaper from losing absorbency.
    2. Prefolds - I don't love them either. But you can fold them in thirds the short way and use them to stuff a pocket or lay inside a cover as an insert. Just an FYI in case you end up keeping them. :)
    3. There is NO such thing as TOO much excitement over cloth diapers! :) ha ha!

  4. Thanks for the tips, Julie -- especially the one about the fleece liner. I'll definitely be keeping that in mind. (And I plan to be much more careful to try to avoid diaper rashes, too!)
    As for prefolds, I already have some that I'm planning to use to stuff pockets, etc. I just wasn't excited about keeping these...
    And I'm glad to hear that excitement over cloth diapers can be normal. Hee! :o)
    (I plan to post another update soon...)