Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Cookin'?

It's a rainy autumn day in the Upstate – a good day to be inside cooking and baking with the happy little lights of several scented candles flickering merrily on the kitchen table... I'm enjoying being a wife and mom!

While my maidens, the washing machine and drier, were busy with their work and the Bean and Chorizo Soup was simmering on the stove, I mixed up a batch of my Dearest's favorite cookies!

Yesterday I made up a batch of homemade yogurt – it's a staple and a favorite at our house! For supper last night, we enjoyed Asian Cole Slaw, made with broccoli slaw from this week's trip to Publix. I now prefer the broccoli slaw (over the typical cabbage slaw) for its flavor and texture – and nutritional value!

For dessert, we really enjoyed Kiwi Pear Smoothies. My toddler loved the green color – it matched the picture that came in the kiwi package! But when she saw me cutting a kiwi, she informed me that she didn't like that fruit. It took some convincing to persuade her that kiwi is what gives green color to this particular "special drink" (as smoothies are called at our house) – all the while she sat there, totally enjoying her smoothie! Life with a little one is so much fun!

Frugalista Notes:
  • I think the Bean and Chorizo Soup is definitely frugal, and you can dress it up with more veggies (chopped tomatoes, fresh or canned, etc.) and garnish it with grated carrots and/or cheese.
  • In other countries where produce tends to be cheaper (at least when in season), the Kiwi Pear Smoothies might be frugal, too. Unless you get a big batch on sale at Sam's Club (like I did this past week), they could be quite pricey here.
  • We really liked the Asian Cole Slaw made with broccoli slaw; unless it's on sale like it was this past week, it could be pricey here. (I'm not really sure how you'd make your own broccoli slaw... Grating could get really messy!)
  • The cookies are just very good! And we don't make them very often – more for the sake of waistlines than frugal consciousness...
  • Thoughts? Recipe modifications? (I love modifying recipes!)

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