Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New thoughts on the blog...

Going forward, I'm hoping to have more organized (and hopefully helpful and inspiring) posts – on a regular basis!

Beginning this week, I'm considering the following schedule – giving myself freedom to adjust as the high callings of wife and mommy preclude that of frugal blogger...

Mondays & Tuesdays:
Money Saving Tips and/or Super Savers
(See this week's post here.)

What's Cookin'? (including recipes and menu plans)

Book Reviews (or something educational)

Fridays & Saturdays:
Frugalista Fun (including deals around town) and/or Inspiration & Encouragement

And I'll still post about random freebies, current deals at CVS, etc. throughout the week.

Why the change (i.e. improvement)?! Well... I've been wanting to look more organized for a while now. More importantly, I also have a long-term goal of ministering especially to women by organizing and sharing money saving tips, specifically along the lines of grocery shopping and cooking.

God is calling my family to Uruguay, South America as full-time missionaries; we're in the preparatory stages and are very excited! One of the big changes, however, when leaving the good ol' USA, the land of abundant savings, will be learning to live frugally – without coupons as we now know them! We'll have to be far more creative in order to accomplish similar savings. And I'm excited about the challenge – not only for myself but also for the ladies God would have me serve there!

You can read more thoughts here and here – thoughts on serving God and others and working to keep a God-honoring perspective as a frugalista.

And please feel free to comment and share your ideas, too!


  1. Let me know what you come up with. I miss coupons here. (And sales too, actually.) The trade-off is that, though my meat was more than a dollar a pound (or half-kilo), it "moo-ed" yesterday.
    Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Yep! Meat and produce there are undoubtedly fresher (and probably more flavorful) than ours here. And coupons for those items are very hard to come by here...

    I'd be very interested in any new frugal ideas you have, based on your current experience on the front lines...

    (I miss you, my friend!)