Friday, October 16, 2009

It's apple season!

For readers in the Upstate, fall usually means inexpensive apples – and possibly some frugal family fun on an apple-picking outing!

MacAbee's Fruit Stand next to the Dish Barn (where I-25 merges onto I-26 near Flat Rock) sells "seconds" for $4.00 per half-bushel bag. Assuming 20 pounds per half-bushel, that's $0.20 per pound. Or you can buy most varieties of apples for an average of $12 per bushel, i.e. $0.30 per pound. Either way, you're getting a much better deal than you would at a grocery store.

We recently picked up a bushel of apples. We've been enjoying them fresh! And I'm planning to make up (and freeze) a big batch of applesauce, among other things.

Stay tuned for my modification of a favorite family recipe we call Apple Slices.

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  1. sounds delish! thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciated your feedback!