Monday, March 2, 2009

Viva Publix!

The Italian theme is still on at our favorite grocery store...

Not only do we love Publix because of the Cookie Club and cool carts (and occasional balloons), today they gave us another reason to love them – Dora and Diego Yoplait Kids Yogurt for FREE! Actually, they "paid" us to get it, and the coupon overage helped with the general bill...

These deals are good through tomorrow – see details here. But I actually noticed that most of the items are cheaper in SC (by 3, 4, or 5 cents) than in FL stores! And every little bit counts, eh?

I hadn't planned to get SmartStart cereal... However, when I saw it was B1G1, I remembered I had a rebate from an earlier box with a mid-year expiration date. Bargain shopping can be so much fun!

According to my receipt...

Total out of pocket: $15.20 (before SmartStart cereal rebate)
Store coupon: $3.48 (The Penny Item: 4-pack bathroom tissue)
Vendor coupons: $11.70
Ad Special Savings: $25.04
Total Savings: $40.22

Viva Publix! I'm always excited when the Total Savings are at least double what I spent!

And a HUGE "thank-you" to Sarah at Fiddledeedee for putting the details together for Publix fans!


  1. Great job! The yogurt deal is definitely the best deal for this week! :)

  2. Yes! And I was especially happy to find these varieties - the neon colored ones are a bit too brightly colored for my tastes... And rumor has it that food coloring makes little ones (more?!) hyper... (Hey! Maybe I need some of that to keep up with someone else who definitely does NOT need any!)