Monday, February 23, 2009

We love Publix!

Yes, we do! Publix caused me to take a break from our grocery exile experiment (basically trying to use what's already on hand, in cupboards, the freezer, etc.) by featuring Italian deals this week; they included their Italian Sausage – the most similar I've found to Uruguayan chorizo – in their special sales. (To put it into perspective – chorizo is to this Uruguayan MK what peanut butter tends to be to almost every American expat I know...)

So, my Publix Super Savers post this time doesn't have so much to do with how little I spent – but rather with the value of what Publix sent home with me!

I'm also excited about the Rubbermaid containers for $1.24 each – after B1G1 and two $1/1 printable coupons I had tucked away in my coupon folder. (I'm trying to collect Rubbermaid in preparation for moving to Uruguay – all in God's perfect timing!)

The one sad note was the "penny item" – I ended up with oatmeal instead of the tortilla chips I'd seen advertised on another blog. By the time I got to the store last night, they were out. But far be it from me to complain about oatmeal for only a penny! Now, I'll have to make the granola I've been thinking about...

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