Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Walgreens debriefing – for Monday 12/22

Here's how it went at Walgreens... Of course, it rarely goes exactly as planned – that might get boring! (For my original plan, click here.)

Both the FREE hair dryer and almost free razor were in stock at my neighborhood Walgreens – and I'm thankful! However, the two RR wouldn't scan together – I now suspect it had to do with the following fact (stated on the RR): "Total number of manufacturer coupons/register rewards cannot exceed the number of items in the transaction." So, I ended up keeping $2 RR and taking $15.19 from my gift card on the first trip...

The hairdryer will assist (and eventually replace) the current "old faithful" which is showing its age. And a nice razor (practically free!) is always a good addition!

The second trip almost didn't happen... Yesterday was an extra-busy day – and if it hadn't been for a friend's posts showing up in Google Reader, I would've totally forgotten the following (yummy!) deals:

I again had trouble with RR not scanning (and that's when we figured out the statement above); however, a kind assistant manager voided the transaction, rescanned my loot, then the $10 RR, and finally the manufacturer coupons.

In the end, I took more from my gift card than I had planned on each trip – but I ended up with $6 in RR for future purchases. So, I guess it all balanced out...

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