Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friendship Bread & "misartos"

(I'm trying to coin a term for "hater of bread" in Greek!) After mixing up eight batches of Friendship Bread – five in the evening and three more late at night – I'm ready to wait a whole year before seeing another bag of starter! (I did put two starters in the freezer...)

Actually, it was rewarding to look at the results this morning as I wrapped the loaves – some for now, some to share, some for the fridge, and some to freeze for later. Eight batches of dough made six large loaves and twelve small ones – and that's because I was making it fit into the loaf pans I own!

A yummy variation I tried for the second batch was substituting instant chocolate pudding for the vanilla – and adding chocolate chips, too. (Go here for the original recipe.)

By the way, Walgreens consistently has instant pudding (vanilla and chocolate) for a good price – 3 for $1 – even without coupons!

Three cheers for Walgreens!

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