Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inspiration & Encouragement: Celebrating Little Moments!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, allow me to say... In the goodness and grace of God, it's often the little moments in life that bring great joy – from the mundane to the sublime!
  • Looking forward to enjoying Krispy Kreme Donuts because of the great Valentines Day Offer!
  • Reading "The Gingerbread Man" and "The Little Red Hen" to my little girl – from the recently acquired book set I dearly loved as a little girl. 
  • Looking out the window at this afternoon's winter rain, remembering that two days this week we had the windows open to let is some fresh air and sunshine. Yes, it really got that warm in mid-January!
  • Reading a heart-felt letter from a dear saint in Spain, written to encourage my nephew who is battling cancer. She hasn't ever met him or anyone else in the extended family, but she's a wonderful example of how Christ's Church, His Body, should function!
So, I'm sharing these little moments – “Just for the JOY of It!


  1. Thanks for sharing some beautiful moments! Be blessed.

  2. AMEN! You can keep repeating refrain all day long my friend. God's blessings are so often found in those little moments!