Thursday, January 14, 2010

Inspiration & Encouragement: Celebrating Life!

Last week, we enjoyed a (much-needed!) family vacation. We went to the (currently chilly!) South Carolina Coast. Our dear friends (and future ministry partners) joined us for part of that time.

As usual, I took LOTS of pictures!

Here's one of my favorites – of my two favorite people!

I'm once again joining Just for the JOY of It – just to share and to celebrate life! It's often the little moments that become the most cherished memories...

(By the way, this is Post #200 for this blog! And it "happened" to post at 2:02 p.m. Cool, eh? Another of those neat little details in life that make me smile...)


  1. mmmmm, i love it! The picture of your family is precious.

    And a BIG congrats on post #200... isn't that amazing?

  2. How precious. Daddy loves his little girl. :)

    Through Good, True & Beautiful,

  3. What a sweet shot of your hubby and little girl! Too bad it was so chilly for, but I bet you had a blast anyways. Family vacations are the best!

    Visiting from The Good, True and Beautiful