Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eating from The Pantry: Final Update

We're planning to continue "Eating from the Pantry" – at least for a while longer, supplementing (as we have been doing) with fresh fruits and vegetables and deals that are just too good to pass up!

Here's how the challenge has gone so far – during January. Our goal was $15 (or less) per week on groceries (including food and household needs).

Week 1:
We spent only $7.63 on groceries, basically for two meats. (We were on vacation, sharing cooking duties with our friends.)

Week 2:
We spent $11.15 for groceries at Publix, $0.59 for milk at Walgreens, and $1.38 and $0.38 for miscellaneous deals at CVS.

Week 3:
We spent $12.92 for groceries at Publix and $0.16 on miscellaneous deals at CVS. (Remember that the beauty of shopping at CVS is the ExtraCare Bucks program!)

Week 4:
We spent $8.89 for groceries at Publix – and later allowed a splurge of another $2.00 for ice-cream, thanks to a $1.00/1 coupon from Publix Preschool Pals!

The FREE SoyJoy Deal (limit 6 per card, limit 3 per transaction) is still going on at CVS (until 02/14); it was fun to pay for five boxes (two and then three) with ECBs and $0.00 out of pocket! These aren't our favorite, but they do come in handy as snacks.

An "Eating from the Pantry Challenge" is a great way to save – not only because you're using what you already have on hand but also because you're stopping to figure out what you actually have on hand and then coming up with (creative) ways to use it!

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