Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's Cookin'?

It's another rainy (and quite windy!) autumn day in the Upstate – a good day to be inside cooking and baking. And the smell of fresh-baked bread is always so homey!

We'll be enjoying Classic Meatloaf for supper. (I made a double batch – part beef, part venison.) We'll add some frugal finds from the freezer and cupboard in the way of veggies and comfort food (i.e. mashed potatoes)! There's also Sweet Butter Bread in the making – to be enjoyed as part of Meatloaf Sandwiches later this week. Yum!

And since there's still some left, we'll probably enjoy some Chocolate Chip Banana Bread for dessert. (I'll plan to post and link to the recipe later.)

Frugalista Notes:
  • I love to modify recipes! Part of my experiment today should have included adding grated carrots to the meatloaf recipe, but I got in a hurry and simply forgot. I've also thought of adding grated cheese. Adding veggies and/or cheese can be a great way to add more nutrition, of course.
  • Meatloaf is a great way to stretch grocery dollars (or pesos, etc.); I have fond memories of meatloaf meals, enjoyed as a child!
  • Eventually, I'll be baking bread in the oven – instead of assigning that portion of my work load to my maiden, the bread machine. When I do, I'll have to add baking time to the recipe instructions... But until then, I'll enjoy the welcome help!
  • Banana Bread is just a great frugal invention – a wonderful way to salvage bananas that are perishing. And chocolate chips are a welcome addition to almost any dessert!

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