Friday, November 20, 2009

Product Review: The Ultimate Cloth

The Ultimate Cloth is an eco-friendly solution for homes – as well as a money and time saver. The Ultimate Cloth is a brand new technology; in fact, it is the only cloth to receive a new patent in the last 25 years. It is a simple, green, and effective one-step cleaning process.

The Ultimate Cloth cleans any hard surface – glass, wood, granite, stainless steel, and many more – with just water! No longer do you have to use harsh chemicals in your home, nor do you need to spend hundreds of dollars per year buying them. The Ultimate Cloth has been lab tested to remove 96% of bacteria, without the use of chemicals. And, it can cut 50% off your cleaning time. The Ultimate Cloth is truly the ultimate in green cleaning.

When you first remove The Ultimate Cloth from its packaging, you will probably be surprised (like I was) to note that it looks and feels like a paper towel. However, it’s really a MiraFiber™ cloth that is far stronger than a mere paper towel! Following the instructions, I simply wet The Ultimate Cloth thoroughly with warm water, wrung it out thoroughly, and went to work!

How does it work? Exclusive MiraFiber™ technology picks up dust, dirt, and grime.

One of my favorite uses for The Ultimate Cloth so far is cleaning the bathroom mirror – it removed all the splash marks (including water spots, hairspray, toothpaste bits, etc.)! The key to a streak-free finish is to wring out The Ultimate Cloth thoroughly.

Another favorite (and pleasantly surprising!) use was cleaning the bathroom baseboards. (Think: Old house, picture molding style!) Our use of hairspray complicates that "normal" dust that settles on baseboards. But the icky dust was no problem for the Ultimate Cloth, and it even removed the black scuff marks left from shoes – with just a little extra rubbing!

I was also pleased with its performance in and around the bathroom sink – shining the faucets and getting rid of the grit in the sink itself. In spite of the claims that it traps and removes a high percentage of bacteria, I did still use disinfectant wipes on and around the toilet, however. Being a cautious type, I hesitate to do anything else!

I'm very pleased with the performance of The Ultimate Cloth so far. I would say that with its guarantee to last five years of general usage, the $6.00 price is a real bargain!

BUT there's even better news! All readers of this blog can receive a FREE Ultimate Cloth! All you need to do is follow Ultimate Cloth America on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. Details on how to get the FREE Ultimate Cloths will be revealed via Twitter and Facebook.

A complimentary Ultimate Cloth was provided to me, as a reviewer for Mama Bzz, by Ultimate Cloth America in exchange for today’s blog tour.

A big “Thank-you!” to the folks at Ultimate Cloth America for the opportunity to review this great product!

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