Friday, January 16, 2009

Update on EXTRA Extra Care Bucks!

(See the original post here.)

Number of CVS stores I frequented today: 5

Number of ECBs earned: $5
(That's in addition to the $5 ECBs earned earlier this week!)

Limit on the Gold Emblem Cheese Crackers deal: 10

Number of cents paid out of pocket: $0.99 (Total for all five trips!)

Number of dollars saved (according to my receipts): $47.53
(Of course, the 90% off on Christmas clearance items helped!)

Rating of CVS stores on a scale of 1 to 10: 10+

Random thoughts...

The tinsel garland will hopefully come in handy for Christmas play costumes...

The wrapping paper alone is worth over $33 according to the price tags! (Our extended family is notorious for recycling wrapping paper, but I'm afraid I'm in danger of changing that tradition, folks – at least for the near future! This picture alone has 11 rolls of the stuff!) And some of it can be used for winter birthday presents, too – snowflakes, snowmen, bears in hats and mittens, etc. are generic enough...

After reaching the limit on the crackers, I decided to start stocking up on spices ($0.99 each for most). The coupon expires tomorrow (01/17/09) , so I'm hoping to get more almost-free spices before the end of the day!

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