Thursday, January 15, 2009

EXTRA Extra Care Bucks!

Quite by "accident" I stumbled upon a way to get some EXTRA ECBs at CVS!

Thanks to, I found out about the $3 off CVS brand merchandise coupon (expires 01/17/09). Follow her instructions for printing. When you get to page 14 (where the coupon is), click on the page on the left, and it will come up on the right. Then choose the "Print" option (on the top right), and it will print large enough for the barcode to be readable!

Anyway, I stopped at a CVS yesterday, hoping to snag some almost-free deals. (Most CVS stores have Christmas "leftovers" marked down to 90% now.) More tempting than those "leftovers" for me though, were the CVS (Gold Emblem Brand) Cheese Crackers! When I checked out (paying only $0.55 out of pocket), I saw that the Cheese Crackers had earned me $1 ECB!

Of course, I had to make three more trips after that! The short story is that I ended up with $5 ECBs, paying a grand total of $1.88 out of pocket for CVS brand stuff, including Christmas "leftovers" (most wrapping stuff is CVS brand). And you might do better – depending on the "leftovers" at your CVS stores!

By the way, most stores don't have a sticker advertising this deal, and I didn't see it in this week's flier either. I thought the one sticker I did see (I visited four different stores!) stated: Limit 5 – but my receipt doesn't state "Offer Limit Reached" after buying five. So, I've printed more coupons, and hopefully will be making a few more CVS visits tomorrow and Saturday... These crackers are very cheesy (in the most positive sense of that word!) and are great sprinkled on top of veggie casseroles – or as a snack in the car for a patient toddler, who incidentally hasn't yet learned the excitement of a great couponing deal!

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