Monday, January 19, 2009

Conclusion of the EXTRA Extra Care Bucks Adventure!

(See the rest of the story here and here.)

Well, I did print ten more coupons, and I made five more visits to CVS stores. (Yes, only five more visits – I took my best friend with me! We were, after all, out on a rare date to our favorite restaurant, celebrating the tenth anniversary of our engagement.) Since we were either passing a CVS store or in the neighborhood of other CVS stores, we stopped in and made separate purchases...

This was his first time joining me in my excitement over a good deal. (Can you tell?!)

Together, we spent $4.47 out of pocket and brought all this home (plus one more jar of roasted peanuts that we gave to Aunt Ruth in partial payment for coming over to play with Elizabeth while we were out!) And somehow, a roll of wrapping paper didn't make it for the photo shoot!

Three cheers for CVS!

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