Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I like Publix!

And so does my daughter ~ she loves the Cookie Club!

I like the fact that they offer B1G1 deals every week, they double manufacturers' coupons (up to 50 cents), and they offer a 1 cent item every week (with a $10 minimum purchase). The personnel also go out of their way to be helpful, and they're always courteous. I think they must like Publix, too!

Here's a snapshot of my latest deals at Publix:

According to my receipt, I spent $9.43, but I saved $20.14!

My total savings:
Manufacturers' coupons: $9.35
Publix coupons: 50 cents
Advertised Special Savings: $10.29

My favorite deals this trip were:

Just Bunches cereal:
Usual price: $4.09 each
B1G1 offer: $2.05 each
Mf Q: $2/1
Total for me: 5 cents!

Ziploc containers:
Usual price: $2.99 each
On sale: $2.50 each
Mf Qs: $1.50/2 and $.75/1
Publix Q: $2/3
Total for me: $3.25 for all three
(I'll be using these to freeze homemade applesauce!)

Juicy Juice:
Usual price: $3.49
B1G1 offer: $1.75 and $1.74 each
Mf Qs: two $1/1
Total for me: $1.49 for two

Last night was also the Holiday Open House, and I talked my dearest into making it a family outing. We sampled lots of goodies – shrimp, sushi, eggnog, and Publix's wonderful peppermint ice-cream (only available during the holidays, if I remember correctly)!

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  1. That's really cute. I got the Juicy Juice too!