Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Have I mentioned that I like Publix?

I made my Publix run yesterday. I try to go on Mondays in order to take advantage of the weekly 1 cent item – if I'm going to be spending at least the required $10 to qualify. (This week's item was a 96 fl. oz. bottle of Publix bleach – not bad for 1 cent.)

According to the receipt, I spent $12.63, but I saved $36.30!

My total savings:
Manufacturers' coupons: $5.95
Publix coupons: $5.03
(These were the doubled Qs and the discount on the 1 cent item.)
Advertised Special Savings: $14.34
In-store special savings: $10.98
(These were the two clearance items!)

My favorite deals this trip were:

Betty Crocker Potatoes
B1G1 for $1.75
Use (2) $.40/1 printable mf Q (See details here.)
If your Publix doubles Qs, you pay $.15 for 2!
(These make great donations for food pantries – and that's why several boxes are missing from my snapshot...)

Mt. Olive Pickles
(I bought the 46 fl. oz. jar of Kosher Dills.)
B1G1 for $2.79 – $1.40 each
Use $.50 mf Q (from a recent Sunday paper)
If your Publix doubles Qs, you pay $.40 each!

Domino's Sugar – 1 lb
(I bought the confectioner's sugar.)
On sale for $.69
Use $.25 mf Q (from a recent Sunday paper)
If your Publix doubles Qs, you pay $.19 each!

I also try to check the clearance section each time I go; yesterday I found a plaid cotton tablecloth (60" x 90") for $3.25 and a box of Gerber's mixed grain cereal for $.75 – it's a cheap way to ensure that Elizabeth is getting vitamins.

By the way, these deals are still good today and tomorrow!


  1. Yes, the two Publix stores I tend to frequent (on Poinsett Hwy. and on 291 near G'ville Tech) both have clearance sections. It tends to be mostly housewares, baby, and pharmacy stuff ~ although I've also found organic canned veggies there.