Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cardboard & Paper Nativity Set

For years we’ve been concerned that our little people learn to give at Christmas instead of focusing on getting. Our “giving” ideas have included drawing pictures and baking cookies for extended family. So, we’re especially excited about this year’s project, highlighting the Reason for the Season:

Cardboard & Paper Nativity Set!

You can likely make this set with materials already on hand:
  • TP rolls (Yep! That means “toilet paper” rolls!)
  • construction paper (or other colored paper)
  • wrapping tissue (the kind that “fills” gift bags)
    (You could also use fabric scraps.)
  • colored pencils (or markers)
  • scissors
  • glue & tape
We used TP rolls of various sizes. (You could also use paper towel rolls, cut to desired lengths.)

To make the baby, cut a TP roll in half and then in half again and tape the new, small roll closed:

Draw “faces” on paper and trim to fit. Color the features and glue the faces on the cardboard rolls:

Wrap the baby in white wrapping tissue and fold long end back:

Trim paper “tunics” and “head-dresses” to fit Mary and Joseph. Attach the “clothes” with glue:

For the manger, cut a cardboard roll lengthwise and trim to desired length. Cut along the upper edges to give the look of straw:

Making this set can give great cutting, gluing, taping, and coloring practice to young students, too.

We’re working on a more elaborate version for one family member who collects Nativities. (We’re hoping that because she doesn’t use the internet very much, our secret will be safe!) Stay tuned...

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