Saturday, October 13, 2012

Consignment Sales!

It’s fall – and fall and winter consignment sales are underway. We’ve learned to dress our little people for (a lot!) less by shopping at consignment sales – and by consigning clothes, too!
If you live in the Greater Greenville area, you can check out the semi-annual "Here We Grow Again" Consignment Sale, going on this week.
We love this sale! We’ve had great success dressing our children – in quality clothes – for great prices. When you consider how well name-brand clothes tend to wear, and wash (and resist stains!), and keep so that you can re-sell them, the savings are really multiplied!

Check the website ("Here We Grow Again" Consignment Sale) for all the details...
And if you don’t live in the Upstate area, I still have good shopping news for you!

ThredUP is an online consignment sale I recently discovered. From my experience, they specialize in top name brands in excellent condition.
ThredUp is currently offering a free $10 credit toward any purchase when you sign up through this link. In addition, you can use code SHIPOCT12 to get free shipping on any order!

Right now ThredUP has a variety of children’s clothes priced from $2.00 to $5.00! By using your $10 credit and free shipping code, you can get something free or almost-free!

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