Thursday, June 17, 2010

Any ideas on how to maximize savings while on the road???

As missionary deputees, we've been traveling many, many miles since mid-April. The bargain-hunting has not ceased, however! If anything, we're more conscious than ever of the need to be wise stewards of the resources God is entrusting to us. But the scenario is different on the road – especially when internet and a printer are not always available to access those awesome high-value coupons!

Most of the time our housing needs are taken care of, but eating frugally – AND healthfully – can be far more challenging, and especially with a little one on the way! The "value menus" can certainly be a blessing to the "on the road" budget; our goal has been $5.00 or less per meal for our family of (almost!) four. And granola bars do make a great snack... But we would be glad to hear other (even better?) ideas for maximizing savings while traveling – and especially any ideas on how to eat more wholesomely!

I would definitely welcome helpful comments...

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