Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday Party Menu

We ended up postponing the party due to sickness and inclement weather, but we still enjoyed a little family party – just the three of us!

The theme was "healthful" this year. We should always do it, but we made a greater effort for the sake of my nephew. It was fun to see sales correspond with the "healthful" idea; hopefully, there will be similar sales when we reschedule.

This was the plan:

Organic Tortilla Chips (from Sam's Club)
Carrots (from Sam's Club)
Radishes (from Publix)
Celery (from Publix)
Broccoli (from Publix)

Homemade Hummus Dip
Pinto Bean Dip (from the freezer)

Deviled Eggs
Black Olives (from the pantry)
Mixed Nuts (from the pantry)

Grapefruit Punch (from Publix)

Homemade Fruit Smoothies:
Bananas (from Sam's)
Apples (from Publix)
Pears (from Publix)
Frozen Peaches (from the freezer)

I was planning to make a Chocolate Birthday Cake – from scratch – but decided to wait until we reschedule the party. (Instead, I used a brownie mix I had on hand.)

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